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Mr. Hard Act to Follow

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Written & Produced by Tony Zain
Co-production by Jasco Duende
Lead Vocals: Tony Zain
Backing Vocals: Tony Zain
Bass: Mer Sal / Jasco Duende
Drums: Don Stahl
Harmonica: Tony Zain
Mandolin: Tony Zain
Production Advice: Dale Breger


Mr. Hard Act to Follow by Tony Zain

I was swingin’ through the breeze, a little boy up in the trees
While he was fighting overseas, Mister Hard Act to follow
My big brother was the man, count on him to lend hand
Always seemed to have a plan, Mister Hard Act to follow

He loved his country gave his life, left two children and a wife
The news had cut me like a knife; that was a big pill to swallow

“Angels fear where heroes tread” at his funeral heard it said
I wish I had him back instead I’ll have no more tomorrows
With my hero Mister Hard Act to follow

When soldiers die young be it fathers or sons
Mothers and daughter ask “why” we had no chance to say goodbye

Scattered flags on Veteran’s Day proof that freedom’s here to stay
All along these rows of graves, farther than the eye could see
They died for you, they died for me, oh these grounds, they are hallow

Now my son went off to war, Lord protect him through his tour
Like the ones that came before

Hey you meet the new Mister Hard Act to follow
Oh, it’s just impossible to follow
God please bring him home Mister Hard Act to follow