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  1. Outlaws
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Written & Produced by Tony Zain
Co-production by Jasco Duende
Lead Vocals: Tony Zain
Backing Vocals: Zain
Banjo: Tony Zain
Bass: Mer Sal
Classical Guitar: Tony Zain
Drums: Don Stahl
Harmonica: Tony Zain
Lead Guitar: Jasco Duende
Mandolin: Tony Zain
Pedal Steel Guitar: Cary Morin


Outlaws by Tony Zain

Oh the lives that we led are what movies are made of
How we survived can’t begin to comprehend
OH God in heaven, dare I ask “were we outcasts from the past?”
Like Butch and Sundance two time tested friends
Outlaws to the bitter end

Now we both caught the shivers when we crossed that Ojai River
Through the storm of 76, way back then
And that moon was so bright on that space cowboy night
With the law at our doorstep once again
Outlaws to the bitter end

When you left California like that song I tried to warn you
Double Trouble was a headin’ your way
Our adventures seemed done
When that D.A. said “Son, be our guest at Club Fed Santa Fe“ (Instrumental)

From the Sage Brush Cantina out to South Pasadena
Misadventures along the way ‘round the bend
We both fell for that old dirty white gold
Raised our glasses, we didn’t care who we offend
‘cause we’re outlaws to the bitter end, they know we’re outlaws to the bitter

Seems like life went by fast except for when we were incarcerated
Two banditos that they tried to apprehend
Here we are in Colorado where we stand by our motto
“Outlaws to the bitter end“ (Instrumental)

Now the days gettin’ darker won’t you write on my grave maker?
Yup, “Outlaws to the bitter end“
It sure is great to have you as my friend

Outlaws, outlaws, outlaws, outlaws to the bitter ©Anthony”Zain”Aberdeen2016