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  1. Cold Day
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Cold Day

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Written & Produced by Tony Zain
Co-produced by Jack Lee
Re-Mix: Jasco Duende
Lead Vocals: Tony Zain
12 String Guitar: Tony Zain
Bass: Jack Lee
Classical Guitar: Tony Zain
Classical Lead Guitar: Tony Zain
Keyboards/Piano: Jack Lee
Percussions: Tony Zain


Cold Day by Tony Zain

You, I thought you were the one
Kissed by angels at the rise of the sun
Then you, you flew away at the first sign of trouble, trouble you say

You said you’d never leave a man who treated you so well
Then, the winds of change blew through our house of cards

It was a cold day in hell, cold day in hell

You don’t understand, “for better or worse,” you must stand by your man
You fell down to earth, I guess somewhere in heaven you left somebody hurt

I look outside my window as the snow it gently fell
Some called said “how you doing, I said, “well”

It’s was a cold day in hell as if you couldn’t tell Cold day in hell
Is there a name for the game that you play; are you kidding me?
And it’s a shame what you claim and
how you blame all your failures on me
But the game is over, it’s over you’ll see (Instrumental)

For you who has fallen from grace
You speak the truth in deceptive ways
And we’ll both be lonely on our dying day my dear
But I’d rather be lonely than to be insincere.

You thought the grass was greener on the other side of the hill
When asked me for a second chances I said, “well, well, well
Not in a cold day in hell. Sorry Darling”
Cold day in hell, not in a cold day in

©Anthony “Zain” Aberdeen2010