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How the West Was Won

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Written & Produced by Tony Zain
Co-production by Jasco Duende
Production Consultant: Mer Sal
Lead Vocals: Tony Zain
12 String Guitar: Tony Zain
Bass: Mer Sal
Fiddle: Jacie McConnell


How the West was Won by Tony Zain

The power, the glory,
The heroic stories ‘bout how the west was won
The mule train is a draggin’ an old covered wagon
Now’s that where it begun?

The killing and stealing from fellow human beings
Is kept out of my history book
Telling one sided truth to America’s youth
So, I had me a second look

I found that promises were spoken,
Treaties were broken, honor was put to the test
And conquest came quicker through diseases and liquor
Displacing then killing the rest

Hear the tales by the fire
Half-truths told by liars
This is how your west was won