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  1. Cocaine Cowboy
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Cocaine Cowboy

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Written & Produced by Tony Zain
Co-production by Jasco Duende
Production Consultant: Mer Sal
Lead Vocals: Tony Zain
12 String Guitar: Tony Zain
Backing vocals: Tony Zain
Classical Guitar: Jasco Duende
Keyboard: Mer Sal
Steel Guitar: Cary Morin


Cocaine Cowboy by Tony Zain

Cocaine Cowboy once was so kind
When someone wronged him, he paid no mind
One prairie mornin’ two angels came
Straight up to heaven they took his cowgirl from the range

Moved to a big city for a brand new start
No one has pity in city without a heart
He met an heiress, they I fell in lust
She brought party favors and she called it “Prairie Dust”

He felt light headed, false hope rushed in
For just one moment, he felt mighty fine again
Like granddad’s whiskey, so hard to quit
He tried to lasso the Colorado wind and that first hit and he said

“I came to town got resupplied
Banditos robbed me, outlaw junkies caught me by surprise
I once rode proudly on my high horse
They all despise me since that day I changed my course

I sleep passed breakfast, I don’t eat lunch
They call me “Slim” so I reckon, I don’t eat much
They say I’m crazy kinda paranoid
I keep watch by the window for the sheriff and his boys

I don’t like badges and that hell hole county jail
When they release me, I’m destined for unhappy trails
I’ll find a hideout and I’ll ride the white rail
Like a runaway train I’ll party ‘til my beating cowboy heart fails

I won’t do rehab, darling I know you mean well
Get me that “Prairie Dust” or I’ll make your life a livin’ hell
And when I come down, I feel so strange
I miss my Cowgirl and my happy home on the range”

Cocaine Cowboy, some love, most hate
And some will judge him some will secretly relate
Cocaine Cowboy, he rides alone
“Ye without sin cast the very, very first stone” ©Anthony”Zain”Aberdeen2016